El Sabor Mexican Grill Bar

mexican  - set menu  - bar  - byo  - family friendly [more]
function venue  - gluten free  - open late  - outdoor  - private dining room  - romantic  - vegan friendly  - wedding  - catering  - banquet  - wi-fi  - lunch  - take away  - group booking  - anniversary  - grill  - dinner


Offers the following facilities including Restaurant, Bar, Function, Wedding and Private Dining located in North Melbourne, Victoria. Serving stunning Mexican cuisine.

El Sabor Mexican Grill Bar has the following features: Set Menu, Bar, Byo, Family Friendly, Function Venue, Gluten Free, Open Late, Outdoor, Private Dining Room, Romantic, Vegan Friendly, Wedding, Catering, Banquet, Wi-Fi, Lunch, Take Away, Group Booking, Anniversary, Grill, Dinner.
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