NYC Pizza


The idea comes from big, thin and foldable pizzas in New York City that was not available yet in Australia. At the time most pizza chains here sold only whole pizzas. Thus NYC PIZZA was established in 2003 and introduced a concept of selling large round pizzas by the slices where it can be enjoyed by one individual. We do plenty of caterings for businesses in the proximity area thus we are well-known amongst those who work around Perth CBD. Our pizzas are HUGE, not your average pizza size. The slices are cut from a 22” sized round pizzas. The whole pizzas come in 15” (family) and 22” (party) sizes. The family size pizza feeds approximately 3 people, while the party size pizza 6 people. Our base is thin with just the right crisp on it. It is baked in a stone hearth oven just like how they do it in New York, without any oil. We only use fresh and quality Australian-produced vegetables and meats. We do use Italian tomato sauce because they are simply the best.
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