Pasha's Restaurant


So you’re thinking, “What is Turkish food?” Well you could just come in and find out, but Turkish cuisine is one of the finest in the world. Fresh ingredients are combined to create the great flavour of our entrees. Trying our Grilled Cheese leaves everyone satisfied. Humus, Cacik and Beetroot dip with our homemade bread is to die for. All our meals are prepared in-house including our yogurt and delicious desserts. You could find yourself very comfortable, and full, as we are known for our large portions. Have you ever tried a Turkish Pide (Pizza)? Kids love the taste and adults love the value for money. They are also a very popular take away item. We only use the best quality produce to make sure you feel great. You may find that you fall in love with a meal and come back over and over again to have it. Belly dancing shows will entertain you every Friday and Saturday night at 9pm.
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