Porter Republic

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Since when did coffee become a MUST HAVE? In capitals. You know what we mean – that absolute NEED: The ‘if I don’t get a coffee soon, my head is going to explode right off my shoulders’ kind of need. The ‘a great coffee right now would really take my mind off the fact that my 3 year just burnt an iron mark in my favourite top (while my 5 year old was wearing it)’ kind of need. The kind of need that makes you risk a really dodgy looking coffee shop on a road trip, where you know deep down the coffee will be crap, but at least it will be some kind of relief, at least until it burns 3 layers of skin clean off the roof of your mouth... The kind of need that has you a little worried that you might need to detox one of these days. But not today. Or tomorrow. Porter Republic Rings Anyway you get the drift. As a society, we have become infatuated with and reliant on those little brown beans. We’ve felt that all-consuming feeling and have decided to do something about it. Welcome to Porter Republic – where coffee reigns supreme, and is hailed most mornings as the most glorious invention since the Camberwell Trash & Treasure market. Porter Republic grew from a need to find not only a good coffee, but a good coffee in a comfortable environment, with some cool music playing, fresh flowers, a tepee, huh? did she just remember my name and what I drink?, and somewhere my kids are not just tolerated but welcomed, with cool seating, and I’ll take one of those freshly-baked muffins too please, attention to detail, two chooks, and staff that you want to hug because they realise you may be a little hung-over and your kids need distracting even just for a moment. What’s that? You couldn’t find all that at one venue either? Well here it is...
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