Two Small Rooms

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Through the nineties Two Small Rooms earned the reputation as Brisbane's best BYO restaurant and now with David Pugh as Head Chef the awards keep coming. In 1998 the famous British chef Rick Stein dined at Two Small Rooms and found the Mud Crab Omelette so good that he included it in his TV program. Here is what he had to say 'There is a little restaurant in Brisbane on Milton Road called Two Small Rooms, and that's all it is two small rooms, but boy can they cook in there'. In the year 2000 Michael and David moved in to the city and started Restaurant 2 and in 2003 the two small rooms was sold to long serving restaurant manager Peter Willumsen and head chef Marrhew Whitton. The restaurant went thru a very much needed face lift and the premises became licensed. The addition of a very selected wine list and a carefully stocked bar has made it even more exciting to dine here. The menu changes every month and though some dishes stay in place all produce is selected according to season and availability. Two Small Rooms has stood the test of time, 16 years is a long time in this industry, and though the restaurant has changed over the years it is still a damn good place to feed.
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